Mar 12, 2012

Hey Wordy!

My first week as a storyboard artist at Cosmic Toast was a trying one. Right from the start I was pushed to start working on the pilot episode of a new kids show (hopefully coming to PBS) Hey Wordy. From Monday to Friday, I was drawing like a madman in order to get this 22 page script all boarded and ready to be pitched to some execs within the following week.

The Official Website

Here is a little preview of the show...

Mar 3, 2012

Matt's Big Art Update!

In the words of Prof. Farnsworth, GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!
After months of portfolio work, I am finally a storyboard intern at Cosmic Toast Animation. If I do well, there is a good chance that I will be a full time employee by May. Thank the Lord!
Next: I have been doing some freelance concept and character for a writer and his Vampire novel. This is outside my comfort zone of drawing funny cartoon characters, but hey, money is money, and he really likes what I have created for him.

And of course, I have had time to finally start my long awaited, popular demanded Snordo the Dragon comic! Stay tuned to for updates on my personal project.